Ways to deal with sun exposure while swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular fitness activities as it gives excellent results along with fun. People get involved in swimming in different ways. They either join swimming as a routine workout or do it as a fun activity with their family and friends.

However, swimming also has its drawbacks which you must take into account. When you are swimming, you are exposed to harmful UV radiation, which can cause damage to your skin and eyes and can also lead to skin cancer.

You can prevent yourself from being exposed to UV radiation by wearing sunsafe swimwear or applying good quality sunscreen. It will help you prevent different skin diseases and skin cancer from happening.

The following points explain all the ways you can keep yourself safe from sun damage.

Apply a sunscreen

When you are heading out to swim, especially during the daytime, you must always apply sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 or more. It will act as a protective layer on your skin, creating a barrier for UV Rays to enter. It will be better if your sunscreen is waterproof so it will not wear off while swimming. Remember to wait for thirty minutes before heading out after applying sunscreen so that the skin can absorb it well.

Wear sun safe swimwear

If you are a swimming enthusiast, investing in sun-protective swimwear is the best option for you. The material used in making these swimwear prevents harmful UV Rays from entering and harming the skin. It comes in all kinds of designs and prints; you can purchase the swimwear depending upon the style and coverage you prefer. When you buy sun-protective swimwear, it is important that you make sure it is UPF 50+.

Choose the type that suits you best.

Sun-protective swimwear comes in different types and colours. It would be best to choose them according to your size as they should cover all the exposed parts of your skin to protect you from sun damage. This swimwear is usually made with polyester fabric that provides optimum protection from the sun. It is also a fabric that resists chlorine. Studies also claim that dark-coloured swimwear protects the skin better than light-coloured swimwear.

There are many advantages of wearing sun-safe swimwear, but it doesn’t mean that you do not use sunscreen. It is better to use both sun-protective means to protect your skin. According to experts, one should not expose themselves to the sun for more than 20 minutes as it is a sufficient amount of time to get vitamin D, but if one stays in the sun for too long, the chance of getting skin cancer increases.

According to scientists, there are many types of cancers that can be caused by sun exposure. Children have a bigger chance of getting melanoma and other cancers if exposed to the sun for too long. This is because their skin is comparatively delicate than adults’ skin. Hence, if you regularly apply sunscreen and wear sun-protective swimwear, you have a better chance of avoiding 80% of the types of cancers. You can find these different types of swimwear in active-wear stores. There are many brands that sell swimwear through their websites and various online shopping sites. You can choose the option that suits you well.


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