Top 3 Ways to Cheer Your Employees on Their Birthdays

Most people have some secret urge to get recognized at their workspace on their birthday. It’s their special day. So they want some attention so that they can make the event memorable. In smaller businesses, it’s extremely easy to recognize the milestones and accomplishments of individuals. However, as the business starts growing, this becomes much more difficult. Sometimes businesses become so big that they end up neglecting the importance of their employees as well as their milestones.

One of the best ways to motivate your employees is by taking the proper approach to celebrating their birthdays. If you ignore special events such as work anniversaries and birthdays, your employees will assume that you’ve taken them for granted and they are not a part of the team. This will ultimately lower their happiness in the workspace. Even though you don’t need to throw a big surprise party for your employee, small gestures can undoubtedly make them happy. Here are the top 4 ways to cheer your employees on their birthdays.

Offer Them Goodies

Birthdays are one of the best times when you can develop engagement among your team. This means that you can find the perfect excuse to throw the birthday party. As everyone deserves to feel happy on their birthday, your planning will be approved.

Make sure you determine the preferences of your employee. Determine whether they love velvet cake or chocolate cake. You can also offer them a candy bag as they can share the candies with their teammates. This will strengthen their bond. You can even ask the employee to take the day off so that they can spend quality time with their friends and family members.

Additionally, make sure you ask the team to find out which treats will work best. This way every employee in the workspace can help you make the birthday celebration memorable.

Decorate their Desk

Decoration plays an important role at birthday parties. Without proper decorations, the theme or event would look dull. Therefore, if you’re planning to throw a surprise birthday party for your employee, you need to focus on the decoration.

One of the best ways to make their birthday impactful is by decorating their desks with lots of goodies. You can also write their name on birthday signs so that they can feel appreciated.

While decorating the desk, hang some balloons and some fun artwork. You can also leave a small gift. Surprise decorations will undoubtedly make your employees feel valued.

Write a Note to Show Your Gratitude 

Birthday is the best time to showcase the impact of the employees on your company. Instead of providing a birthday card, ask your other employees to leave some handwritten notes that showcase the contribution of the individual. As per Indeed, appreciating the employees will increase your engagement with them.

Make sure your highlight their strengths and hard works that helped you grow your company. Additionally, thank them for their professionalism. These notes will showcase that everyone from the workspace appreciates and respect the hard work of the employee. This peer-to-peer recognition will develop positive workplace culture.


These are the top 3 ways to cheer your employees on their birthdays. Do you want high-quality personalized birthday signs to make the event more attractive? Contact us today.

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