Tips to Choose a Suitable Crane for Your Construction Project

Every construction project requires you to haul, lift, and move heavy materials. One of the easiest and speediest methods to shift heavy objects in the construction site is through lifting cranes. So, selecting a suitable crane is vital for the success of a construction project. It’s best to consider crane hire from a service that provides safe and dependable cranes that are developed to carry huge loads over crew members and pedestrians. The equipment is serviced regularly, and thus, you can rely on it entirely. Even a slight mistake in choosing the right crane can halt your construction project. Below are some good tips that’ll enable you to hire the right crane for your project.

Understand the Weight and Load Size

Firstly, you must determine the weight and load size that will be lifted or moved. Accordingly, you can select a crane of the needed lifting capacity and the rigging accessories like shackles, hooks, and slings. Usually, crane producers give load charts to find the load capacity features of a specific crane. You will find the rated capacities in these charts. It is the total weight that a crane can lift for a certain distance. To know the actual load-bearing capacity of a crane, deduct the load of the rigging accessories from its gross weight. Apart from that, find the kind of load you are lifting. You will require a piece of special rigging equipment if you need to lift unusually shaped loads.

Know about the Height of the Lift and Horizontal Distance.

Taking lift height into consideration is essential for multi-storied construction projects. According to the level to which the load requires to get lifted, you should select a crane with a suitable boom length. You can know about the capacity details and the boom length in the load charts. Heavy equipment also needs to get moved horizontally. So, it is essential to determine the horizontal distance of the boom. Different kinds of cranes have varied boom lengths. Consequently, they also have different reach radiuses and lift heights.

Find the On-Site Conditions

You must hire a crane based on the place of your construction site. Some cranes require to be assembled on-site. For instance, while some crawler cranes have a substantial load-bearing capacity, you need to assemble them on-site. So, they are appropriate for long-term projects that need extreme lift heights. Likewise, tower cranes, the tallest of all, must be assembled on-site. They are best for tightly confined places. But you require a suitable access road to the construction site. You will need to use mobile cranes to assemble a tower crane.

Consider the Cost

Irrespective of the scale of the project, renting a crane is a reasonable option. It saves you from spending on repairs and maintenance of crane fleets when they are idle. Today, you can hire a crane at highly affordable rates. But do your research correctly before hiring one. When you have zeroed in on some suppliers, check the type of cranes they provide, rental price, and the services they offer. After a good comparison of all these factors, you should think of hiring a crane from a specific service.

These tips will allow you to select a suitable crane for your construction project. It is essential to look into crane hire from a service that has a fleet consisting of Kato, UNIC, SANY, and Sennebogen machines. You can find all of them in various models and capacities. So, you can choose the one that fully suits your unique needs.


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