Superfoods or super farce?

For the past couple of decades, there has been much speculation in buying farm produce owing to the fact that more often than not, it is hard to tell if there are trace elements of GMO in what we buy in the Australian market, and in a worse scenario, a claim to be organic yet are loaded with more pesticides than you can detect.

There has been word going about two types of food items that claim to be pure and unprocessed, but as we would have it, only one of them actually offers purewellness.

Let’s take a look at what natural vs organic brings you.

In our home, an Australia Certified Organic food tag means that the food’s authenticity on claims of being organic is more trustworthy than normal.

Organic Food

Usually, produce that claims to be farm fresh and organic mean the same few things- assurances of no use of human-made artificial fertilizer or chemical pesticides and insecticides used around it during the period of its growth/cultivation, and the products are entirely non-GMO influenced.
However, it is no surprise that most brands that issue tall claims of being organic and whole are often unable to substantiate said claims owing to its illegitimacy, which is why bodies like the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) try to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Natural Food

Natural food tags unfortunately are just a brand punchline, because there are no associations in the world that clearly define what an all-natural product means, regardless, they both offer a level of purity most widely marketed produce doesn’t.

This leads us to the next point.


One of the major reasons why organic foods don’t see popularity in Australia is because they are priced higher than their non-organic counterparts, and most people are not in a position to recurringly spend a few dollars more on an essential purchase, especially on topics that they aren’t fully aware of.

This is why it becomes necessary for brands to offer wholesale pricing of goods even on individual sales and not just bulk orders because this way not only does the product become more accessible, but also better sales are guaranteed. A net-zero sum game situation.

Most grocery outlets and online shopping portals offer exclusive deals for limited time periods in an effort to incentivize the customer, often compromising on a commonly looked at parameter or two- be it food quality, ingredient misinformation, poor delivery or just hike up the prices prior to announcing a sale to make it look like there was a reduction in prices.

As for the customer, there is no real way of telling what or who sells authentic products, its widely regarded and accepted that in terms of food quality, seeing is believing. Once the purchase has been made, it can be inspected for good quality.

Purewellness, is something we can agree, that we can’t really put a price on. But sometimes there doesn’t have to be such a binary choice to be made.
In this day of false advertising and poor quality products ridden with GMO infestations and pesticide menace, it is rare and tough to find products that sell as advertised.

Ultimately one can say that going organic is the best course of action in the long term, aiding in the general longevity of our lives due to the lack of chemical intake.

Shop healthier to stay healthier.

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