Modular Architecture: The Future of Housing

The early man took shelter in natural formations such as caves, but when they learnt to make structures everything changed. Since making houses out of sticks and stones back then, they have come a long way in terms of residences. Living spaces have adapted to include stylish looks, advanced technology, extreme comfort, and a lot more to better suit man’s needs. They are now even more easy to design and sketch up with the advent of a prefabricated home. These custom-built homes stray far from the idea of row houses and such which are found in the suburbs. They can be made from the ground up with an ideal budget and brief in mind. With global warming becoming an increasingly alarming issue, a star feature of these homes is that they reduce the negative impact on the environment but also control costs and time. What’s more, is that they are available all over Australia.

What is a prefabricated home and why should one opt for them?

A prefabricated home is essentially a dwelling that is made off-site, and then later assembled in instalments on-site. This ensures ease of transport of raw materials and machinery as well as quick setup. They are being increasingly constructed in the past few decades and have gained a lot of traction for their simple, yet functional model.

1. Hassle free building costs and safer builds

Luxury architecture has always been associated with high costs, but with a prefabricated home, it’s not something to worry about. An advanced and accurate system calculates the total cost for the building much before the contract documentation is generated. This means that during the consultation itself, a clear picture, both of the home and expenditure. Along with this safety is prioritised as they are assembled under strict supervision at a factory, which can be visited to view progress before the final delivery.

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2. Tailormade architecture and design

Prefabricated homes are majorly inspired by postmodernism or futurist architecture, so one can expect beautiful and elegant homes. The houses are designed in tandem with well-known Brisbane architects offering high personalisation and buildings that are adapted to their surroundings. One can pick and choose almost all elements of their home, some of them including rooms, decor, materials, and size. As is with everything, architecture constantly evolves and the designs are constantly compared to innovations worldwide to not only keep with the times but to deliver a timeless living space.

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3. Both eco and neighbour friendly

With prefabricated homes, it’s all about reducing the negative impacts, be it on the environment or the people. Studies show that these homes result in significantly lesser construction waste, and even after being built consume less energy and reduce carbon footprint. Since they are fabricated off-site, the disturbance to the habitat and its surroundings is vastly reduced. At the same time, the society around the site is not bothered by the hindrances of traditional construction. Post assembly, various eco-friendly options like solar panels and water harvesting ensures reduced living costs and a healthy environment.

4. Wide coverage and customer interaction

Location is no problem at all, as a prefabricated home can be delivered pan Australia, coast to coast. Since the terrain differs widely across different regions in Australia, the homes are architectured by a crack team that has a solution to all site-related issues. With over 55 years of experience, the team designs buildings that not only exist at tricky sites but also thrive in them. Overall the project experience is a very relaxed and tension-free one as the team works closely with to-be homeowners. They are there every step of the way, continuously updating and coordinating to produce homes of the highest quality.

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