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Business is the profession or activity that earns money by offering goods or service. Others purchase the goods and services for their own use. A business can make a substantial profit simply by selling the goods and services that it offers. The word business literally means doing things together. There are several different types of business including retail business, service business, manufacturing business, financial business, brokerage business and consulting business.

There are many different types of businesses including retail business, manufacturing business, service business and financial business. The main article refers to the main type of business. Retail business is usually run on the premise of a store or other location with sales fixtures and equipment. In order to run a retail business, one would need to hire employees, rent space for business location, pay for various products or services and deal with customers. The main article continues with the example of Ford, a manufacturer and car company, buying from a wholesaler, which would in turn sell to dealers, who would then sell to individual consumers. Businesses like these have been operating for a long time.

An article continues with an example of a corporation which owns a manufacturing plant, employs a large number of employees, places ads in newspapers and generates profits by selling its products to consumers. This type of business is called a service business. It uses its intellectual property, production plants, employees and products to generate profits. The term intellectual property refers to the idea, information or design of a product or idea.

There are several businesses which do not fit into the main article. They are referred to as small businesses or as a corporation. Some of these types of businesses include a home based retail business, pharmacy, dental business, computer business and a prescription filled hospital. For more information please visit: ip reseller

Not all businesses require special licenses. They may only require a license to sell their product in the United States or require special registration to sell their products in the United States. To conduct business in the United States you must register your company with the SEC or the Securities and Exchange Commission. In order to do this you will have to file paperwork with the SEC and pay taxes on the income you receive from selling your products. There are many online guides available to help businesses obtain the forms they may need to file with the SEC and become registered.

The next part of the main article explains how the commercial law of the United States and the corporate law of the United States differ. The main difference between the two is that in the United States the owner of intellectual property has protection through patent laws and copyrights while in the United Kingdom the owner of intellectual property is protected by the employment act. The United States commercial law is more closely followed than the UK commercial law because of the US companies having many employees than the UK companies which only employ a few individuals. Therefore if you wish to know more about the differences between the two laws you can research into it any time through the link below.

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