ISO 27001: It’s time for you to earn this qualification!

Information security has been standardised worldwide thanks to ISO/IEC 27001, a set of international guidelines. Implementing, maintaining, and improving an ISMS are all made easier with an ISMS security programme (ISMS).

ISO 27001 certification is necessary to strengthen your company’s security; ISO standards may help you reduce risk, satisfy legal and regulatory obligations, cut costs, and gain a competitive advantage. When you have ISO 27001 accreditation, your customers will likely remain around.

To what end is ISO 27001 being used, and why?

IEC 27001 is an information technology component designed to help organisations of all sizes and sectors implement an efficient information security management system. The standard is risk-based and technology-neutral.

The notion of risk management lies at the heart of the ISO 27001 standard. Identifying the data that must be safeguarded, determining the many ways it is at risk, and implementing controls to mitigate each risk are all necessary steps. Security, integrity, and accessibility of sensitive data are all jeopardised if this is not done. Use the standard as a starting point to determine rules and processes.

What should a company do?

  • Getting to know your ISMS’s stakeholders and the expectations they have of it is critical.
  • Determining a safe course of action
  • Perform a risk assessment to identify current and prospective data security risks.
  • Establish processes and controls to mitigate the risks.
  • Each phase of the information security process should have a clearly defined aim.
  • Regulations and other risk-reduction measures should be put in place to prevent harm.
  • Make modifications to your ISMS Requirements and Control Mechanisms.

The ISO 27001 standard’s requirementsttt6

Essentially, it’s a two-part standard. Definitions and requirements for the first part are contained in the following number of clauses:

  • The scope of the ISMS includes criteria applicable to enterprises of all sizes and types.
  • As a normative reference, ISO/IEC 27000 is the only other standard mentioned. Aside from that, it provides crucial information for obtaining ISO 27001 certification.
  • Several issues may affect a company’s ability to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS), and this provides information on why and how to identify them.
  • Management must support and supervise the information security management system, mandate policies, and designate information security roles.
  • Outlines the purpose of information security activities and describes how to identify, analyse, and plan for dealing with information hazards.
  • Providing adequate resources, raising awareness, and gathering any necessary documentation are all things that organisations must do.
  • Performance evaluation feedback need tracking, monitoring, and analysing an organisation’s information security risk management controls and procedures.
  • An organisation’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) must be continually improved and adapted to audit and review outcomes.

Referencing Controls and Related Controls

Annex A further help if you’re having problems satisfying the first section’s standards. It’s up to you to decide which controls are most suited to your company’s needs, and if required, you may add more rules.

Controls are broken down into the following categories:

  • Clarification of each member’s responsibilities in the information security team
  • Ensuring that all workers and contractors understand their roles and obligations regarding human resource security.
  • Asset management is essential when it comes to identifying and protecting digital assets.
  • The purpose of access controls is to ensure that workers only have access to the information they need to do their jobs.
  • The goal of cryptography is to protect data by encrypting it.
  • Software, hardware, and physical files can be lost or stolen, and physical access to a building or data can be gained illegally.
  • Operations security is required to protect data processing facilities.
  • Communication security is essential to the security of an information network.
  • Acquisition, development, and maintenance of security solutions for service delivery networks, both internal and external.

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