How Will You Get Your Casual Suit Look Right?

Why do suits have to be reserved for formal occasions? Well, it does not have to be so. When you have smart casual suits, you can use them at social gatherings, work functions, or semi-formal events. Also, you can remain assured that the casual suit is hand-crafted to fit you perfectly.

A casual suit has two pieces that you can wear independently or separately. These suit outfits are mastered easily and can be perfect attire for you without making you look out of place. Moreover, these suits are more versatile, and you do not necessarily have to wear classic accessories but can wear a pair of sunglasses or sleek watches.

Below are some tips for you to nail the casual suit look.

Get a tailored suit

You need a well-tailored and perfectly fitted suit to pull off your casual suit look. You can either get an off-the-rack suit and get it altered. Or, you can opt for an easier option: look for made-to-measure suits. With proper measurements, you can get an expertly tailored suit that fits your body perfectly and make you feel amazing. However, when the fitting is considered, check how the suit sits on the shoulders, chest, and arms. You can save the hassle of going back and forth to the tailor and store.

Combine with Knitwear

You can combine your smart-casual suits with knitwear during the winter months. It will help you experiment with different colour combinations and form interesting textures. If you want to create a slim suit silhouette, make sure you opt for lightweight knitwear. Also, to maintain the degree of dressiness, try to go with neutral colours, and to create a bit of a personality, try out patterns and bold colours.

Use your classic shirt.

Even with a classic shirt, you can dress down and wear your casual suit well. Moreover, you can keep away your formal frills and complete your look with the accessories of your choice. A nice pair of sunglasses or a piece of jewellery can help you round off this off-duty look. Also, if you are up for experimentation, you can try out variations with the shirt. For example, go for unusual patterns or bold colours. Also, play with other fabrics like denim, chambray, or jersey.

Pair with the white T-shirt

A quintessential white T-shirt is timeless and can make you look effortlessly stylish. You are likely to turn a few heads when you wear a plain white t-shirt with a navy-blue suit. You can either go for a tucked-in or outlook, and either way, it can create the right balance between a casual and formal look. Also, remember that the t-shirt and the suit are slim, complement each other and make a brilliant finish.

Get a roll neck jumper.

A roll-neck jumper creates additional refinement and polish without compromising comfort. A roll neck is worn with a contrasting suit that will lend a slick and laid-back look that can be perfect for winter and autumn. Go for black or grey hues or some warm tones like khaki, burgundy, or purple to lend a classic and elegant touch to your look.

Picking the right suit depends on one’s personal choice. However, going through the tips discussed above, you can try out various combinations and style your casual suit in your unique ways.  

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