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How to Pick the Best HEPA Air Purifier for You


Choosing an air purifier to shop for may be difficult because there are a thousand kinds of cleaners to pick out from. Technically, the most straightforward HEPA air purifiers are comparable, but there are some distinctions. However, choosing the best HEPA air purifier includes several factors that influence which kind is good, including the scale of the space you’re designing. Here are some simple guidelines for choosing a HEPA air purifier.

Identify your priority


You should choose an allergy-relieving air purifier if you suffer from allergies. Multiple filters are frequently accustomed to eliminating indoor allergens.

Lung Issue

Choose an odor and chemical air purifier if you have asthma or if smells or chemical pollutants are the sources of your symptoms. Additional odor and chemical filtering and a HEPA filter are included in these air purifiers.


Some air purifiers are made specifically for pets, removing their skin detritus, smells, and hair.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Air Purifier

You might consider an MCS air purifier if you’re extremely sensitive to chemicals. These versions include even more smells and chemical filters and are frequently composed of materials that prevent chemicals from the air or aggravate symptoms.

Choose the dimensions

Concentrate on the dimensions. The space size that an air purifier covers is the most vital quantity to think about. When the air purifier is about to the best setting, the area size which will be covered is indicated. Small air purifiers are intended for tiny spaces or rooms of 299 square feet. And for a district of 300-699 square feet, search for a medium air purifier. If it’s a space of 700 to 1,900 square feet, consider larger air purifiers.

Check the features

Most HEPA air purifier offers various special features, but it’s essential to spot which feature is required for you. If you wish to save lots of energy that eventually saves your money, seek air purifiers that are Energy Star-rated. If you’re tech-savvy and like to operate your smartphone, you’ll buy wi-fi air purifiers. There are some other features, like Air quality indicators, caster wheels, handles for easy mobility, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, and filter change indicators.

Examine the ranking of the industry

Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not established requirements for these filters, industry leaders have. you want to check the following criteria when purchasing a filter:

  • HEPA filter (designated)
  • CADR Score

High price tags aren’t always the most effective.

Don’t assume that an upscale cleaner is healthier. Expensive air purifiers offer some advanced features, but it is vital to research if these features are needed for you. If not, you’ll be able to avoid buying expensive air purifiers and choose cheaper air purifiers.



The cost of an air purifier is decided by its size, purpose, and air filtration efficiency. Prices range from $100 to several thousand dollars. Most trade sites allow you to refine your search by filters and price range to pick out the best HEPA air purifier that meets your requirements and budget.


Don’t be deceived by marketing when buying the best HEPA air purifier; instead, listen to the air purifier statistics. To confirm the effectiveness of your air purifier, search for third-party test results. Also, remember that being more costly doesn’t always imply cleaner air.


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