How to find the best AC service company?

What if you turn on your air conditioner on the first hot day of the year and find out your unit is struggling to cool the room, or worse, not working at all? Hot days become unbearable even in cooler locations. If you live in Brisbane, which boasts of a long-term annual average high temperature of 26.4C, it can get frustrating! Though Brisbane is famous as a subtropical paradise, its summers are warm, muggy and wet as it is closer to the equator. The average maximum temperature in Brisbane in mid-summer (January) is 29.1 degrees. Hence the importance of air conditioning service in Brisbane cannot be overemphasised.

Regular servicing and maintenance are essential if you want your air conditioning unit to function properly and efficiently. Although choosing a reliable air conditioning service provider seems fairly daunting; it is not impossible. All you need to do is take time to perform the necessary due diligence before choosing a particular air conditioning service provider. Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing an air conditioning service provider; continue reading!


You must have heard that experience brings expertise. That means an air conditioning service provider that has long been in the business will deliver a better service than a novice technician or agency. Plus, they will have experience working on different air conditioning units. Hence, when looking for an AC service provider in Brisbane, the first thing you need to consider is experience. Find out how long they have been in the business and what type of appliances they work upon. Knowing this will help you rest assured that your air conditioning unit is in the right hands.


Pricing is another critical factor you need to contemplate when looking for an air conditioner service provider with a limited budget. Different companies offer different quotes depending on the services they include. So if you want to get the best deal available on the internet, you can get quotes from several AC service companies and make a comparison. But while doing so, don’t forget to compare other factors as well. You can check for seasonal discounts offered by AC service providers. Finding a reliable air conditioning service provider that provides superb services without digging into your pocket is essential.


In today’s technology-driven world, there are several viable ways to check the reputation of an air conditioner company. One of them is checking online reviews and testimonials. While you are doing your research, find out if the air conditioner service company:

  • Completes the service on time and within budget
  • Takes necessary precautions to protect the property
  • Leaves the property clean
  • Provides emergency support and customer service

Besides this, you can also consider searching the company on the Better Business Bureau website to know how it is ranked and reviews from its previous customers.


How a company treats its potential customers says a lot about its services and commitment to the profession. It is advisable to say that always hire only a licensed agency with professionally-trained technicians and customer executives to deal with the customer’s issues. A professional will understand your concerns calmly and suggest the best possible solutions that cater to your needs and fit your budget. Additionally, a professional company will prove its reliability in two ways- firstly, they are available whenever you need assistance. Secondly, a reliable service provider responds promptly on short notice.

Before choosing a company for air conditioning service in Brisbane, it pays to do your research first. Plus, you can get referrals from your peers, friends and family to ensure that your chosen company will not let you down.

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