How to find a business speaker for an event?

Today, when consumers are more particular about what they buy and want value for money without sacrificing high standards of quality, businesses need to be innovative to succeed. So these days, companies are looking for ways in which their businesses can be creative to beat their competitors, maintain a healthy profit margin and make their staff feel valued. This is why business speakers are in such high demand. Business speakers have the skills, knowledge, and experience to influence employees of the organisation. Moreover, they can offer audience tips for improvement, an alternative point of view, and an incentive to achieve a common goal.

It would not be wrong to say that an excellent motivational business speaker can significantly assist companies that need a little help inspiring and challenging leaders and employees. However, hiring a business speaker does not have to be a time-consuming chore. Working with a business speakers bureau or agency to find a business speaker for your particular event can help ease the workload and help you avoid hiring an inexperienced or unprofessional speaker.

How do business speaker bureaus/ platforms help companies?

A business speaker bureau is a resource available these days that assists businesses in choosing a speaker, hiring the speaker for the required date of the event, and ensuring that the speaker’s abilities match your expectations of the event. Best of all, you are not required to pay extra to hire a business speaker with the help of a business speaker’s online platform. In most cases, the speakers alone give the bureau a portion of their earnings in return for referring work to them.

These bureaus can be your biggest research partner for the big event. They have a pool of databases from which they find speakers that match your business needs, requirements, and content knowledge. Their primary goal is to provide you with the most fitted business speakers that perfectly cater to your needs and fit your budget. These platforms have an extensive speaker roster that includes local, professional, and celebrity speakers. Speakers are added to this roster only if they have proven skills, speak well, and are truly experts in their field.

Bureaus do several things to ensure they get the right person for your event.

First, they will sit with you and find out the specific objectives of your event. This information will help them determine the type of speaker needed for the event.

Next, they select the speakers from their specific roster based on the topic and budget needs. Finally, videos, portfolios, and other information will be sent to you for evaluation, and you will have to select the one that catches your eye and seems most fitted.

Lastly, the bureau will check their availability and set up interviews if needed. Once you have selected a business speaker for your event, the bookings are made. That means very little work is required on your end.

In contrast, most bureaus also provide self-serving platforms that directly connect you with the business speakers. All vital information about the speakers is provided on the website; you can easily browse through the huge assortment of speakers, find the best one you like, and make your bookings.


In the business world, the business speaker bureaus have access to the most popular and experienced presenters to find a business speaker. They only add qualified, dependable speakers to their roster. If you are searching independently, it will take more time to find these qualities. Thorough research could still leave you disappointed. On the other hand, these bureaus dedicate many people to finding a business speaker for your event. So when some brains work on a single task, you can expect better results. Moreover, while compiling a list of possible speakers, you can focus on other activities like finding the location, making arrangements, decorating, finalising guests, dates, times, and other essential duties. Hence, partnering with these bureaus can be very fruitful.

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