How Fashion Has Transformed Our Society

Fashion is a complex field of influence with its own historical origins dating back to the ancient societies of the Egyptians and the Romans. Fashion has also been referred as the Art of the Deal and/or the Study of Fashion. In the modern era, the word “fashion” is often used as an umbrella term for a number of other related fields such as beauty, cosmetics, literature, and art. However, “fashion” refers more specifically to the visual aspects of dress, the modes of dressing, and the social and/or practical expectations associated with these various aspects of dressing. In other words, fashion is a way of relating what is considered beautiful and desirable to those within a culture and time period.

Fashions change throughout time, as evidenced by changes in societal dressing through time. In early history, clothes were provided by members of a community based upon affiliation or tribal affiliation. Clothing was therefore limited to ceremonial and religious functions. Fashion then became a part of everyday life, first in the private circles of individuals and families, and later in larger groups such as cities, nations, and villages. As one can imagine, this movement then spread throughout the world and into modern society, making it one of the largest influences on the global economy.

The origin of “fashions” is difficult to pinpoint. Some experts believe that “fashions” came from the French word “pasties” (a past tense verb). This is because “pasties” has a very similar sound to “pees.” However, other experts note that the origin of “fashions” may be found in the Italian word “fassa,” meaning worn.

Various scholars note that “fash” is actually derived from the Latin word ” festus,” which means gathering or assemble. This word then influenced “costume,” which meant to wear or put on clothes. From there, the word “fashion” was formed, with the prefix “costume,” meaning dress, or costume. Thus, we have seen how the Corpus Frequency in English, changed from a word used to identify a particular activity to a generic term used to describe any event that is formally dressed.

Modern usage of the word “fash” seems to be connected with either the stylization of dressing, or the integration of styles into everyday clothing. For instance, recent trends would see designers incorporate embellishments, colors, textures, cuts, and fabrics from different sources in order to create new and exciting styles. Thus, designers would not only use “fash” to refer to unique clothing, but also to produce completely new and eclectic designs.

Many people are surprised when they learn that much of the cost of purchasing high-end clothing is not in the materials used, but in the high labor costs associated with garment production and shipping. It is these high costs that lead many consumers to turn to fashions that are produced domestically and shipped cheaper to help keep the economy afloat. The advent of Internet shopping has also helped to further the global economy fashion design business. Websites like eBay allow for the easy importation and purchase of garments, both manufactured and handcrafted.

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