Hats in Fashion World: How to Clean and Care for Your Hats?

Hats are always a popular fashion choice for both men and women. Not only they are effective at enhancing the fashion statement, but they can also protect you from various outdoor elements. People have been using hats for centuries and they are here to stay.

It doesn’t matter what type of hat you purchase, be it a felt fedora or classic cowboy hat, they will always require some certain maintenance process to function effectively. Most people don’t take proper care of their precious hats and end up shortening their lifespan. Additionally, each hat comes with a specific cleaning process and improper cleaning methods will damage their materials and structures. Here are some great tips of clean and caring for your hats.

Storing Your Hat

One of the most essential things you should know while storing your wide brim felt hat is that you need to store the hat in a cool and dry place. Don’t leave your hats in such locations that are too exposed to excess temperature. If the hat is exposed to both humidity and heat, it will cause more damages to the internal structures of the hat. Sometimes, the damage is permanent.

Additionally, make sure you’re not leaving your hats in their brim on the surface. This will affect the shape of the hat. You need to store the hat upside down on the crown. You can also fill the crown with tissue paper for additional safety.

If you think that placing your hat on a flat surface is not a good idea, you can hang them from a peg. The best way to store your hat is by placing them in boxes. Straw and felt hats will be safe if you place them on bigger boxes.

Maintenance and Washing

This is another great hat care and handling tip you need to know. The maintenance and washing process of the hats is primarily dependent on the materials of the hat.

Some types of hats can be washed. On the other hand, some specific types of hats will be damaged when they are exposed to water. Some hats won’t retain their original shape once they are fully submerged in water. Some hats are great for spot cleaning. As per Silver bobbin, wool is not waterproof.

As mentioned earlier, the washing and maintenance process of each hat is different from the others. There is no universal cleaning method.

Make sure you clean dust and debris regularly from your hats. This way you can extend their longevity. Additionally, check the instruction label before taking any washing measurements.

How to Clean the Fabric Hats Properly?

You need to brush your fabric hats frequently to prevent any damages, especially before full cleaning and spot cleaning methods. Otherwise, they might become vulnerable to various damages. This will help you get rid of any type of debris or dust particles. You need to use a soft nylon brush. Don’t forget to apply this stop regularly.

You can also use the steaming method to clean your hats. Just hold your hat on top of any steam source. This will loosen up any type of stains or debris. After that, brush thoroughly with a soft nylon brush.

If you have a baseball cap, you don’t need to take extra precautions. They are made of washable materials such as synthetic or cotton. You can also handwash the hats. However, keep in mind that some baseball hats come with cardboard brims. These hats cannot be washed with water.

Brushing the Hats Properly 

Most people use nylon brushed or horsehair brushes. However, if you’re using other types, you need to be extra careful. Some specific types of brushes might be too hard on the surface of the hats. This will undoubtedly affect the softness of the hat. Sometimes, the color of the brushes might also get transferred to your hats. Therefore, you need to close pay attention to the colors of the bristles while choosing the hats. If your hat is made of dark, you need to choose a brush with dark-colored bristles. On the other hand, if you have white-colored hats, you should choose brushes with soft bristles.

Stains on Hats

While maintaining your hats, you should start with the sweatband. This is the part most vulnerable to stains due to perspiration and oil. If the sweatband is made of fabric materials, consider folding them down and cleaning them with water, detergent, and a soft brush. If the sweatband is made of leather, consider using commercial leather cleaner and let it dry in natural weather.

In case of stronger stains, you can use a damp cloth to wipe them off. They are extremely effective at removing stains from the surface of your hats.

Make sure the materials of your hat don’t develop stain rings. Even though you remove the stains properly, these stain rings will be able visible. If you think you’re unable to clean your hat, consider visiting a professional cleaner.


These are a few steps to clean your hat properly. Remember that the cleaning and caring process of the hats is time-consuming. Therefore, be patient or you might make some crucial mistakes. If you need high-quality wide-brim hats, contact us today.

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