Guide to buying tummy control swimwear

Looking great on the beach or at the backyard pool does not have to be difficult for women with tummy imperfections. Even bumps, bulges and excess weight can be concealed, and for that, you don’t need to resort to the old-fashioned bathing suits that lack style. Yes, you read it right! The swimwear with tummy control effect is here to save the day! If you often get conscious of your belly, you no longer need to shy away from spending a perfect beach day or a weekend at the poolside. You can be stylish, comfortable, and look younger in tummy control swimwear. The market is flooded with various types of swimwear that cater to various body sizes and styles.

Earlier plus size women used to believe that they would not find swimsuits as flattering for their bodies as they might be on their slimmer counterparts. However, quite the opposite is true now! There are plus size tummy control swimsuits with which feeling less attractive and self-conscious about exposing too much skin is no longer an issue for women of modest weight. Today, the trendy, fashionable and dynamic plus size women have limitless options for tummy control bathing suits.

Popular tummy control swimwear styles

Tummy control skirtini

Skirted styles are trendy amongst plus-size women seeking to disguise their buttocks, hips, and thighs. Plus, they are adept at camouflaging stretch marks and cellulite that tend to occur in the upper thighs. When a woman is not worried about the people staring at her thighs or buttocks, it can significantly increase her confidence. Skirted swimsuits feature two primary strap styles: the halter neck and the spaghetti strap.

Tummy control tankini

The tankini is a classic cut of swimsuits for those who want to maintain the coverage of a one-piece with the flirtiness of a two-piece swimsuit. Tankinis for plus size women come with control panels in the front and sides of the top that helps slim and streamline a woman’s midsection. Moreover, since they are two pieces, tankinis can be mixed and matched as per choice to get a fresh new look each time you go out.

Tummy control surplice swimsuit

The surplice swimsuit is ideal for camouflaging excess belly fat and love handles. The wrap design of this kind of swimsuit firmly encompasses one’s stomach to slim the figure, and the bottom of the wrap swimsuit is generally low cut, which allows the appearance of one’s hips to be streamlined as well. Monochromatic colour schemes are considered the most ideal for achieving a slim appearance. A halter or sweetheart neckline can draw the visual interest upwards and away from lower problematic areas of the body.

Choosing the right tummy control swimwear for you

While selecting figure-flattering swimwear, make sure the style you choose is as beautiful as it is slimming. A swimwear with tummy control might also include the following features:

  • Shirring across the midriff adds a slightly textured look that discreetly conceals tummy bulges.
  • The high content of spandex and lycra, offer greater control when used in large quantities.
  • High-waist briefs that add extra comfort and support
  • Colour blocking, which provides a slimming effect

Now that you know what to look for and what not to look for, you are on your way to finding the perfect swimsuits with control. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in making the right choice, quickly eliminating the bathing suit that isn’t right for you.

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