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Guide For Majestic Gas Fireplace Lighting


Majestic produces an assortment of gas and electric fireplaces and fireplace embellishments for the home and outside. The organization’s gas fireplace line incorporates both vented and non-vented styles with a few present-day highlights to improve the lighting system. The regardless explicit model you have, Majestic gas fireplace lighting guidelines remain genuinely comparative.


All cutting-edge Majestic fireplace models highlight self-lighting start frameworks. This implies you won’t have to light the burner by hand under any conditions. All things considered, the fireplace start framework works similarly to a typical gas oven. The pilot light will not remain perpetually ignited at this point rather will ignite when the fireplace is turned on, subsequently lighting the gas that begins to stream. Before lighting your fireplace, look over to ensure that no gas has been pouring out of the unit. On the off chance that you smell any gas in the room, air out the room, shut off the gas, and call the service organization right away. Either way, you can continue to light the fireplace.

All Majestic models are lighted and controlled with a push handle like one that controls the temperature of an oven burner. Push in the handle and turn it to some degree counterclockwise to “Turn off.” Hold it here and you will hear the gas start to stream, and the start framework will click as it lights. On the off chance that it doesn’t light inside a couple of moments.

When the fireplace at first lights, discharge the handle and transform it further counterclockwise into the power settings. These settings on the handle graphically address the fire level, from high to low. For a lower fire, continue to turn the handle counterclockwise.

Higher gas fireplace lighting

Assuming there’s no gas fragrance around the unit, the fireplace is protected and prepared to light. Open the entrance board situated on the base front of the fireplace. With your hand actually squeezing the control handle, stand by around five seconds prior to squeezing and more than once delivering the igniter button with your other hand. Continue to rehash this activity with the control handle squeezed in until the pilot touches off.

After the pilot’s start is set off, keep the control handle squeezed in for an additional 30 seconds, then, at that point, discharge it. If the pilot smothers, turn the valve back to the “off” position and repeat all of the means from the beginning until the pilot ignites. In the event that the pilot stays lit subsequent to delivering the control handle, go it to the “on” position.

Prevalent Gas Fireplace Operating Instructions

Neglecting to avoid potential risk prior to lighting any fireplace can bring about a fire or blast. It could cause substantial harm, injury, or even passing. Prior to lighting a Superior fireplace, check for the aroma of gas around the unit, explicitly around the floor as certain gases are heavier than air and their smell will be more obvious lower to the ground. On the off chance that gas fumes are identified, don’t endeavor to light the fireplace or some other machine in your home. Try not to turn on any electrical switch.

All things being equal, leave the region promptly and call your neighborhood gas organization for directions. On the off chance that the gas organization isn’t reachable, call the local group of firefighters.

Flame adjustment or fireplace closure

To close down the fireplace totally, turn the gas valve application fluoxymesterone (halotest) clockwise the entire way to the “off” position.

Utilizing Accessories to Turn On the Fireplace

A few Superior fireplaces accompany controller, rocker, or divider switch. To touch off a unit’s burner by utilizing these extras, simply go them to the “on” position.

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