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Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Desert Safaris (2022)


Dubai Desert Safaris – What Are They?

There are guided tours into the wide expanse of desert that is situated distant from the city centre of Dubai. These are called Dubai desert safaris. It’s the polar opposite of what the glossy side of Dubai looks to be.

This unique off-road excursion is a great way to get away from the commotion of city life for a few hours. So the only thing you’ll get to see and hear here is the awe-inspiring beauty of the sand dunes surrounded by total calm and peace.

Dubai Desert Safaris: What to Expect

In a typical desert safari in Dubai, nature, adventure, and the most incredible cultural and traditional experiences all come together in one perfect package. Your desert safari includes the following activities. As a result, the contents may vary according on the Dubai desert safaris that you choose.

It’s time for Dune Bash!

Drivers of strong 4X4 vehicles are required to participate in a dune bash. You can be sure that this will have your heart beating as you manoeuvre across the sea of low and high sand dunes. This is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting parts of a desert safari dubai for those seeking adventure.

Views of the Sunset or Sunrise

Most Dubai desert excursions provide opportunities to see the sun rise or set, or perhaps both. The breathtaking sight of the sun rising over the arid desert landscape can’t be missed, even if you’re not a professional photographer.

Get a taste of Arabian hospitality at its most authentic.

You’ll arrive at the Bedouin-style campground after a dune-bashing adventure and a few quick pit breaks. Your last day in Dubai is spent here, and it will be the most memorable part of your trip. Here, you’re greeted with Arabic coffee and fresh dates to get the party started. And you’d be ready for the following set of experiences after this.

Rodeo with a Camel

As you ride on the back of a camel across the stunning desert dunes, take in the ever-changing hues. Aside with all the thrills and excitement, you get a glimpse into Emirati culture since this lovable creature was the sole method of transportation and sustenance in the pre-oil period.

Biking on a quadcopter

Riding a quad bike through the vast Arabian Desert is an experience like no other. Because there are no prerequisites for this, anybody may give it a go. This once-in-a-lifetime experience, Dubai desert safaris, may be prepared with only a few hours of instruction from professionals.

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