CA vs CFA which is better? 

CA vs. CFA are two of the most intriguing and demanding professional career paths in the corporate  world. However, aspirants frequently inquire as to which is preferable for them. Deciding between  good and terrible is simple, but choosing between good and good is most difficult, and this is where  most aspirants get lost. However, because your entire career is solely dependent on this one decision,  perhaps a little information will help you decide. 

CFA focuses on investment management and encompasses finance topics such as corporate finance,  ethics, equity investments, derivatives, and fixed income while educating you for employment in  investment banking, research, and portfolio management. CA, on the other hand, concentrates on  accounting, taxation, and auditing and trains you for employment in budgeting, accounting, auditing,  and management accounting. 


The Institute of Chartered Accountants India administers the CA Chartered Accountancy or CA exam  (ICAI). A Chartered Accountant, also known as a Certified Public Accountant, is a professional  accountant who works for various accounting firms or organisations. A CA oversees accounting  systems, generates monthly financial statements, submits tax returns, and offers consulting services.  The majority of CAs choose to specialise in the tax procedure. 

As a CA, you can work as an analyst, auditor, accountant, or consultant in several industries. CAs can  also provide services in the capital markets. 

CAs can start their own businesses, build a customer base, and provide financial services and tax  advice to people, or they can work for the government, public, or private sectors. CAs are in high  demand in the manufacturing and banking industries. Most commerce aspirants regard it as a very  viable settled career option. 


  • Oversee the accounting department’s duties as the head of the accounting department. Developing and sustaining accounting systems and practices. 
  • Align income statements. 
  • Compile monthly financial reports. 
  • Examine and approve internet banking payments. 
  • Maintain conformity with the state revenue service. 
  • Assist with accounting and reporting continuously. 
  • Oversee the entire financial process. 
  • Create a budget report for expenses. 
  • Reporting and audits on financing


The CFA Institute offers Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification worldwide. Employment here  entails investment management and wealth management in general. The CFA program primarily  focuses on information and expertise relevant to the investment and management professions.  According to the CFA Institute, the minimum time required to obtain the CFA designation is as  follows: 

  • Approximately four years to finish the curriculum
  • Six months of preparation for each exam
  • Over 300+ hours of study time

Due to a lack of academic skills or responsibilities, several candidates fail after rigorous studies and  never reach the position, and there is fierce competition on top of this. This program has three levels  and requires four years of work experience. You can only appear for the CFA exam once you complete  your graduation. A CFA Institute certification allows one to join the worldwide investment network and  a respected group of elite investment professionals. It also qualifies the individual for a variety of  investments and associated sectors vegamovies

Individuals with CFA certification are recruited immediately by large multinational corporations such  as JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Canada, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, HSBC Holdings,  PricewaterhouseCoopers BofA Securities, & BlackRock to name a few. 

Responsibilities include 

  • Credit analysis.
  • Developing investment strategies and possibilities; and
  • Investment banking.
  • Providing advice and consultancy to businesses, financial assistance, and money-making investment options.
  • Investigate and monitor a company’s or an individual’s financial status.

CA vs CFA – Differences 

Eligibility  Candidates must have received at least a 50% in their 10+2 from a recognised  institute and board. They must take the  requisite entry tests for the program,  such as the CPT, and enrollment in the  CA program has no age cap. Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree or  equivalent from a recognised institution in either  discipline, with a minimum score of 55%.  Candidates must be in their last year of a  bachelor’s degree program at admission to qualify for the CFA program and must have at least four  years of relevant job experience.
Focus  CA gets regarded as an expert in  accounting, taxation, law, auditing, and  finance. CFA focuses solely on Finance.
Area  The ICAI organises this Indian 

recognized course

The CFA Institute organises and recognises the  CFA course.




The CA program gets divided into three  levels, with 3 years of practical training  required after the 12th grade, for 4.5  years total. The CFA program is similarly divided into three levels,  with a minimum of four years of practical training  experience required after completion.
Demand  Demand CAs are in high demand since  they are only permitted to audit a  company’s financial statements. Many national and multinational companies seek  CFAs when seeking a candidate to be an expert in  finance and manage their investments.


CA is a paper-based format that is  subjective.  CFA is an MCQ-based paper format involved in  passing this paper.


Exams are spaced out over 16 days, with  a 1-day preparation leave in between  each paper. Candidates are supposed to prepare for all ten  courses in a single day.
Exam dates Final exams are held in the month of  May Every year, exams will get held on the first  Saturday of June. The level one exam is also gets  repeated in December.


The pass rate is approximately 32%.  Over the last ten years, the total pass rate has  been around 52%.

CA vs CFA – Job opportunities 

CA Job Roles  CFA Job Roles
Chief Financial Officer 

Tax Accountant 

Financial Controller 

Business Services Accountant 

Auditor Accounts Clerk 

Cost Accountants

Private wealth management 

Investment banking 

Commercial banking 



Investment strategy

CA vs CFA – Average Salary 

The average annual pay of a CA and CFA in India varies for several factors, although candidates have  some say in how much they get paid. The area in which graduates live, their experience, the job title or  specialty, and other factors will all impact their starting income.

CA Job Profiles Average Salary (INR) (LPA) CFA Job Profiles  Average Salary (INR) (LPA)
Budget Management  ₹ 9.5 Lakhs  Research Analyst  ₹ 7.4 Lakhs
Strategic Accounts  ₹ 9 Lakhs  Equity Research Associate  ₹ 5.2 Lakhs
Financial Advisor  ₹ 8 Lakhs  Financial Analyst  ₹ 6.4 Lakhs
Financial Analysis  ₹ 8 Lakhs  Finance Manager  ₹ 10 lakhs
Management Auditing  ₹ 8.5 Lakhs  Credit Analyst  ₹ 6.3 Lakhs

Better Career Option – CA vs CFA? 

CFA is a four-year course that includes relevant job experience and gets recognised by the CFA  Institute. Candidates must complete the whole CFA course syllabus and pass a 6-hour test. After  passing the CFA tests, candidates can apply for CFA membership from the institute and join the local  CFA society digitalnewshour

Students get to enroll in CA courses after completing their 12th grade or following graduation. To  become a CA, candidates must first complete article ship training. CA courses provide candidates with  a variety of job prospects. 

Candidates with a background in accounting are in high demand in the banking and manufacturing  industries. Candidates having a CFA background are also in high demand in the investment sector. As  a result, both the CA and CFA courses are equally beneficial to students’ employment options. 

Both courses have a promising future and a variety of career options. It is up to the applicant to make  an informed decision about their job path. If you are interested in auditing and taxation, you should  take a CA course, whereas if you are interested in investment banking and portfolio management, you  should take a CFA course. It is imperative for aspirants interested in pursuing these courses to enroll in  a reputable institute, where you can get all of your questions answered. 


It is entirely plausible to hold both a CFA and a CA certification. Pursuing CFA after earning CA is  considered a lethal combination in finance and will set you apart from the crowd. This approach will  undoubtedly lead to new financial opportunities for you. CAs will easily pass the CFA level 1 exam.  One of the benefits of doing CFA after CA is that the material for CA overlaps and is nearly identical to  the syllabus for the CFA level 1 exam. A CA+CFA combo not only broadens your horizons but also  assists you in understanding financial and auditing concepts better. You will gain new skills and  knowledge that will help you advance professionally. Combining these two industries will result in  career and personal progress and represent your passion, devotion, and commitment to your industry  and employment. 

Most CA candidates pursue CFA since it boosts their job prospects and demand inside high-end  organisations. Individuals having deep knowledge and skill in the financial sphere get preferred by  companies. Following your CA, studying a CFA course qualifies you for a big boost in your income. As  a result, the CA+CFA combination automatically qualifies you for the position and boosts your  chances of working with top-tier global firms odishadiscoms


Based on the above comparison of CA vs CFA, it is evident that both present the students with great  career options. CFA is the choice to go for if you want to work in Investment Banking and Portfolio  Management, whereas CA is a good choice if you desire to get into Accounting and Auditing. CA and  CFA are both fantastic career alternatives, but it is imperative for the aspirant to pick what is best for  him/her.

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