Are you looking for the transcendently tender beef? Wagyu Beef will grace your m

It’s party time, and if you are preparing the meals for the guests, anything from turkey to beef, and searching for the world’s best cuisines, it is high time to find the Wagyu beef butcher near you! Wagyu beef is fatty and delicious, and your guests are going to taste the most luxurious steak tonight! This transcendently tender steak is another name for luxury, which is fatty and umami-rich. But most people know less about this delicacy, even the cooking geniuses. Wagyu beef is a grace for your dinner for its quality and taste.

Here is an accurate article for you to know more about wagyu beef from the point of view of restaurant experts. Read more to explore the tastes beyond boundaries!

The name Wagyu

The name Wagyu comes from its Japanese origin, which means cow or Japanese cow. It is pronounced as wah-you and mispronounced as wah-goo by many Americans. If you are going to find a Wagyu beef butcher, do not be among those Americans who mispronounce the term.

It is not a common term used for any Japanese cow, by the way. These are specific breeds of Japanese cows with outstanding genetic quality which comes to grace your platter. Out of four breeds, this one stands unique in Japan. The crazy marbling of fat in the meet will take your tastebuds to skyrocket heights. The uniqueness of Wagyu beef lies with this fat around muscle tissue. As it is incorporated inside the muscles, an average piece of beef tastes not less than heaven. No other breed can give this finest quality of meat which dissolves super fast when it touches your tongue. Its richness makes it juicy with less cooking time. Try Wagyu beef and watch it dissolve in your mouth!

Japanese and American Wagyu

There are two types of Wagyu beef, and they are Japanese and American types. The former is purebred, while the latter is crossbred. You can see the marbling of fat inside American Wagyu too. Some cooking experts prefer Japanese Wagyu over American Wagyu for its taste. Its sweet umami flavour is unique, and American Wagyu misses it. Try both and experience which one melts in your mouth in seconds! This does not mean American Wagyu is miserable. They are not flavourless but rather wonderful so that you can have more of them. Japanese Wagyu, as mentioned above, is rich in fat, is overwhelming, and you cannot consume more. If you are into a steak dinner, then American is the best option so that you can have more bites. Decide whether you want a light or grand beer experience and if the first one is your choice, no more thinking but Japanese Wagyu.

Keep aside the luxury, try both and many more Wagyu from different parts of the world and let your tongue decide which is the best!

Are Wagyu Beef and Kobe Beef the same?

Wagyu and Kobe Beef are not the same, but a variety of the former is the latter. Both of them are reared differently by giving care and feeding in distinct kinds. Kobe beef originated from Japan, and it does not meet the quality of Wagyu. Also, note the thing that, if you come across any delicacies made of American Kobe, remember a thing. There is no American Kobe, and Kobe comes only from Kobe, Japan, and it is impossible to produce any other part of the world. There are online stores in Australia which provide quality Wagyu, and check out their websites to find Wagyu in different forms. Some suggestions to buy are:

1)Scotch Fillet Wagyu

2)Beef Mince Wagyu

3)Rump Steak Wagyu

4)Powerhouse Wagyu.

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