All you need to know about using video in sales

For a sales manager or consultant, introducing a new idea to your investors or clients and selling a product is challenging. Many sales pitches and pipeline projects have gone awry because of the lack of effectiveness in the pitch. The same goes for your target audience. If you want to connect with your customers or target audience and keep them engaged, you must begin using video for sales. For instance, you can create short videos with a human context to make them effective and help people understand. This article will allow you to learn about videos in the sales process.

Where can you use videos in your sales process?

Videos are potent and effective forms of communication, and you can use them to close deals swiftly and see high conversion rates and faster responses. Videos grab the attention of your prospects or target audience and help you climb the ladder of sales success.

How to use video for sales?

Using video for sales will help you connect with your customers. But you need to know how to use them for your business. Following are a few ways that will help you learn to utilise them.

  • Share a success story: Storytelling makes great content and helps build relationships with your target audience. It is a powerful persuasion method and captures emotion compared to phone calls or emails. You can use videos for storytelling and engaging your prospects.
  • It helps you recognise and thank your best customers: Since videos help capture emotions, you can use them to recognise and thank some of your best customers.
  • It can recap a meeting: Apart from increasing engagement, you can utilise videos to recap a session for your customers or prospects to confirm learning and understanding of the products or services.

What are the advantages of utilising videos for sales?

You can provide a compelling message with the help of the videos. As per a website, 69 per cent of online consumers prefer watching a video. So, read on and learn the benefits.

  • Videos can be shared easily: It is easy to share a video with your family, friends and colleagues, mainly if the content is relatable, entertaining and accessible. That’s because people are becoming selective about videos and their content. Videos also help sell solutions to clients, and it entirely depends on how it is presented on video.
  • Videos help explain complex topics effectively: With the help of videos, you can explain to your target audience or prospects more clearly and effectively.
  • Videos allow you to get personal: Some videos on the internet might seem staged, but you must get subjective and connect with the audience’s emotions. Your customers get familiar and feel comfortable with your service or brand. As a result, it allows them to trust your brand and business, ensuring a confident purchase.

How to get started with videos for your sales process?

If you want to guarantee success, you don’t need to arm your sales representative with the right tools. Here are a few steps involved in the implementation of sales videos.


  • Search for the right software: You will find many software options in the market, and some of them come with limitations. Some video platforms comprise features like GIF thumbnails, video analytics and playlists and integrate with many marketing and sales platforms.
  • Decide on the number of videos: You must decide how many videos you need to send every week. After determining, your sales representative must use the right tools or software to create videos and send them out.
  • Monitor the video’s progress: You must keep track of the analytics of each video created and shared. You can get information on the best and those that must perform better. As a result, your team will be able to create incredible videos in the future.

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