All You Need To Know About Brogue Shoes

Any lady who follows the primary fashion weeks’ catwalks closely knows that the designers like to experiment with new styles and silhouettes each season. Indeed, it is common practice for designers to blend the styles of men and women, albeit sometimes slightly, to create a new androgynous trend. This style may seem incredible, trendy, urban, and even edgy when applied to casual wear.

Brogues for women, traditionally a low-heeled variant of Oxford shoes, are a great way to lend a masculine touch to a feminine ensemble owing to their clean lines and upper patterning (known as “broguing”). Even though brogues have traditionally been associated with men’s design, they are just as versatile for women as they are for men. You can wear them in almost every outfit, like a pair of winter boots.

The Origins of Brogue Shoes

The term “brog,” from the Gaelic for “leg covering,” is the etymological ancestor of the English word “brogue,” the Norse word “brok”. The origins of this one-of-a-kind shoe design may be traced back to the 16th century in Ireland and Scotland.

Because the holes allowed water to flow out of the shoe anytime the wearer emerged from damp environments like a bog, the men of the day prized them for their utility. This shoe style became commonplace among farmers and other rural laborers until the early nineteenth century.

The original brogues were built to last, with a thick sole and a durable top. The public’s opinion of shoes also changed throughout time. Today’s brogues are a status symbol, but you probably shouldn’t wear them in the shower. In all its originality, the brogue shoe has maintained its roots as a rugged rural footwear option.

Which Materials Constitute Brogue Shoes?

Because of their durability, early brogue shoes were made from rawhide. Classic brogue shoes typically have uppers constructed from many layers of leather to ensure durability.

From shoe to shoe, the broguing can range from primarily on the wingtip to elaborate on the toe box. Some brogues are made with a mixture of leather and suede for a contrasting look, but traditionally, these shoes were only worn on special occasions.

Fashioning Brogues for the Stage and Screen

Celebrities like Sienna Miller and Emma Watson helped propel brogue shoes into the mainstream about ten years ago. Brogues for women were influenced by celebrities and made in unusual colors and materials, but the style did not last.

Men’s brogues are still the most popular casual shoe style today. Black leather brogues aren’t typical workplace shoes, but you’ll see someone wearing them every once in a while and think they look great.

Important things to remember when donning brogues:

  • Have a look at your ankle. Do you have an excellent ankle shape? If so, you may flaunt it with a pair of brogues by wearing them with cropped pants, a maxi or midi dress, or (if you feel your legs look as fabulous as your ankles) shorts or a dress that stops just above the knee.
  • Make the brogues the understated complement to a chic but showy ensemble, such as flared tailored pants, a frilly semi-extravagant shirt, and (hey, why not?) curls in your hair.
  • Why not go all the way and look like the lads by wearing a jacket and some boyfriend jeans with a pair of brogues?
  • Given that brogues invariably lend a masculine touch to an outfit, you may choose to counteract this by incorporating decidedly feminine touches alongside it. For example, you could accessorize with a cute hat, some exquisite jewelry, some bright make-up tones (especially lipstick), or some bold feminine tones in your clothing.

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