A Guide to Help You Pick the Right Wedding Veil

Wearing a veil on your wedding day has been a tradition for centuries already. Ancient people believed that a fully covered bride represents a modest and pure wife-to-be. The superstition that the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding ceremony or bad luck will come their way still exists today. Wearing a veil was believed to prevent evil spirits from stealing her happiness away.

Tradition aside, wedding veils are worn today to complete a bride’s wedding ensemble. After picking out the perfect wedding dress, choosing a veil to complement it is next. Once you’ve decided to wear a veil, you’ll need to consider your clothing, face shape, and hairstyle to make the perfect selection.

Veils are categorized based on their length. The length of the veil will vary depending on how you attach it to your hair. Choosing the right wedding veil to match your dress can be confusing. Here are a few types of veils and their lengths to help you pick which one would perfectly complement your dress:

  • Bandeau Veils – These offer a more vintage feel for the brides. Its 4-9″ length is attached to either side of the head.
  • Birdcage Veils – These veils measure up to 4-9″ and are attached at the top of the head. They are usually made of net or lace and dramatically cover the eyes.
  • Shoulder-Length Veils – These traditional-looking veils measure 20-22″ that hit the shoulders. Moreover, these don’t cover up or compete with the details of your gown.
  • Blusher Veils – These vintage-appealing veils are also known as angle or wedge veils that measure 30″. These are usually up to your shoulders and add volume to your hair updo.
  • Elbow-Length Veils – These veils that measure 32″ fall over your shoulders and up to your elbows. These wedding veils help enhance your hairstyle and the intricate details of your dress around the waist.
  • Fingertip Veils – These popular ceils measure 38-40″ that match any hairstyle and fall beyond your hips. The sheer fabric allows the design on the back of your dress to be visible.
  • Waltz Veils – These reception-popular veils measure 60″ and are also known as ballet or walking veils. They fall mid-calf and are perfect for dancing and mingling with your guests in your reception ceremony.
  • Floor-Length Veils – These full-length veils measure 72″, usually the length of wedding gowns. They graze the floor while adding extra volume to your overall look.
  • Chapel Veils – These elegant veils measure 90″ and are typically longer than the length of the floor. They add more drama as these veils sweep across the floor while you walk down the aisle.
  • Cathedral Veils – These regal veils measure 108-120″, usually the most extended and detailed wedding veils. They are typically worn at more formal weddings for the most dramatic entrances and walks.


A wedding veil remains the golden standard of finishing touches of your perfect wedding dress. However, choosing the right veil to be the defining aspect of the most important dress you’ll ever wear will take effort and time. Moreover, trusted bridal shops may have what you’re looking for and can even help pick the perfect one for you. Alternatively, you can choose from their collection of bridal headpieces that are becoming more popular in these modern times.

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