4 Top Tips to Navigate Horse Race Betting Like a Pro

Getting into horse race betting can be a tricky road for a novice to navigate, especially if they are new to betting itself. With the enormous market, the constant influx and outflow of money in the gambling industry can either make you money very fast or burn a significant hole in your pockets.

In fact, Australia’s Northern Territory made over AUD 14.6 billion from the gambling turnover in 2019. So, betting on racehorses is a risk, but it is worth taking with some tips.

So, to improve your chances of cashing out in the upcoming race, here are a few pointers you must keep in mind to back the right pony:

Top Tips for Betting on the Right Racehorse

On top of placing your bet along with a Ladbrokes Code, you must also keep these few pointers in mind while placing your race bets:

1.      Leave Your Emotions Behind

The first rule of betting, irrespective of its type, is that you keep your emotions out of the game. Betting is a game of logic, gut, and instinct, and interference from emotions is going to cloud your judgment.

So, whenever you come across a guy who asked his daughter to pick the horse or placed a bet on a pony with his mother’s name, please don’t take his advice. Betting on emotions is only going to incur losses, and luck is only going to favour you so much.

2.      Place Different Kinds of Bets

Any person new to the world of betting would naturally go for the primary bet, the winning one. Although that approach isn’t flawed, it is incomplete. So, you may place bets across various targets to take your race betting to the next level.

Understand the betting systems in place, payouts, etc., and place your bet strategically to win multiple smaller payouts. And if you hit the winning bet as well, nothing better!

3.      Go With the Favourite

Before placing your bets, first, understand the kind of bet you want to make. Do you bet on the favourite? Or do you back the underdog?

In this scenario, it is always safe to go with the favourite. This is simply because the horse is a chosen favourite for a reason, like recurring victories or tremendous potential to grow.

But don’t mistake the race favourite for always being the horse with the most money on it. Study the board and tipsheet correctly, and place your bet on the favourite since they have over a 59% probability of winning while running flat races.

4.      Don’t Place the Bet If You Don’t Know the Track

Doing your homework is the primary step in placing bets in any scenario. And if you are standing at the edge of a track that you know little about, it isn’t safe to throw a Hail Mary. So, don’t make a bet based on a fluke and without understanding the layout, surface quality, and other such characteristics of the track.

Even with the offers like the Ladbroke code making it much easier to bet on your favourite horse, race betting does require a significant amount of logic and intellect. So, leverage the above tips and place bets based on facts and stats, ensuring that the maximum possible payout goes right into your pocket.

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